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Recruitment & Selection

Today, hiring the right person, with the right skills, capable of meeting market demands, is a critical factor in the life of organizations. Hiring someone who is not suitable can translate into considerable costs that your organization cannot and does not want to bear.

The Recruitment Process & Selection goes through several steps and aims to identify the appropriate Talent for the open position.

Career Management

Whether you are in a temporary situation of unemployment or looking for an opportunity more in line with your goals, finding your next professional project will be a reality.

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Training for Organizations

After a Diagnosis and Training Needs phase, we design the plan that best suits your organization in order to monitor your internal strategy.

Together with our partners, we handle the entire process:

  • Development of the Annual Training Plan, prioritizing your training needs;
  • Preparation of individual records;
  • Selection of Trainers;
  • Execution of Training Manuals;
  • Evaluation of training actions and their effectiveness in the workplace;
  • Issuance of Training Certificates.

Training for individuals

Training is a means to achieve high performance and high performance in the organization.
Our E-Learning structure will provide training courses to candidates who register in our database with the aim of a new job or who are looking for a part-time job through a temporary or seasonal contract.
After registration you will receive information about this process.


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