About us

Global People is a Human Resources startup, that develops its activity mostly online.

We help our business clients to solve challenges in the area of ​​Recruitment and Selection, Training, Outsourcing and Temporary Work.

On the other hand, we help our candidates to adapt their knowledge through personal training and actively promote their skills in organizations.


We know that technology at the individual level enhances knowledge and information. It is part of people’s ambition to reach the level of occupational safety, but also recognition and a sense of belonging in the organization. Our vision is to provide the information necessary for organizations to select the best talent and for talent to choose the organizations they identify with.

Make the labor market more balanced, where respect for globalization and opportunity for all Talents.


We believe that a well-informed society with the right tools can solve the challenges it has set itself. We help companies and talent to achieve their business and professional goals.


Globalization – A means for everyone to reach an end.

Loyalty – Honor the commitments made.

Goal – Achieve the goals of our community.

Helper – Actively contribute to a more ethical society.

Ambition – Continuously improve our processes.

Liberal – We adapt our processes with the contribution of everyone.

People –This activity is made by people for people. Only they can make organizations productive with value in the market where they operate.


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